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School Application

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Deadline: mm/dd/yyyy

Eligible Candidates must meet the requirements below:

Apply: List

Requirement A


  1. Possess an unweighted academic average of C+ or better (2.5 on a 4.0 scale). 

  2. Be a graduating high school senior, or current student enrolled in or accepted to an accredited college, university, or school for skilled trades. 

Requirement B


  1. Complete a one-page essay explaining why you chose your field of academic endeavor. 

  2. Have verifiable volunteer experience within the past two years (not mandatory but a plus). 

Requirement C


  1. Have membership and/or leadership experience in school or a service organization (not mandatory but a plus). 

  2. Provide an official transcript or an original copy of the most recent report card. 

Requirement D


  1. Provide copy of acceptance letter(s) of the accredited college, university, or school for skilled trades. 

  2. A one-page essay, not to exceed 500 words, explaining how you envision your involvement in your community professionally, civically and/or socially after graduation.                                         -- Essays must be typed double spaced in 12-point font – Times New Roman. 

Requirement E


  1. Two letters of reference from nonfamily members including but not limited to teachers, pastors, counselors, or employers (one listing volunteer experience would be a plus). - A user-friendly application is available at 

  2. Interview of the five (5) finalists via Zoom. 

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